Susan Vielhauer

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Susan Vielhauer

I suffered from arthritis in my knees for a long time. I went through protocols of anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone injections, and synovial fluid injections. I was thinking that I was ready to do something with better results. I am very pleased with the two total knee replacements Dr. Toman performed on me: the first one 6 months ago; and the second, 4 months ago. After both surgeries I returned to work (in a sedentary job) by three weeks post surgery. One month after the most recent surgery, I began riding my bike outdoors. After six months, I am walking very well, have some stiffness but no pain, and am even able to run my dog in agility class. I bike three to four times a week. I also am able to get down and up from the floor for sit ups, push ups, and other floor exercises. I have knelt on my knees on very cushioned areas with no pain.

Dr. Toman presented me with options. He was clear about my choices and presented information in a straight-forward, easy-for-a-layperson-to-understand manner. I was very comfortable talking to him about my concerns and hopes. He was extremely supportive and caring in the hospital (even on Thanksgiving Day!) and available by phone when I had questions during the early recovery phase at home.

Every medical practitioner I have met since my surgery (including physical therapists and doctors) has said how fortunate I was to have such a wonderful surgeon as my doctor, and I agree.

Get your active life back–go see Dr. Toman.