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  • John Sherman

    John Sherman

    I am a 57 year old competitive tennis player and I tore my meniscus (complex tear)in my right knee. My primary Dr highly recommended Dr Toman as someone who specializes in sports injuries with superior results. I set up an appointment with Dr Toman within a few days and they immediately suspected a torn meniscus which was confirmed by an MRI.

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  • LaVaughn Ferris

    LaVaughn Ferris

    Six months ago Dr. Toman performed a reverse shoulder surgery for me. I found the experience to be quite easy and pain free. Dr. Toman is a very skilled and a sincere caring physician.

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  • Lynne Turk

    Lynne Turk

    Dr Toman in my opinion, is the greatest orthopedic surgeon ever. Five weeks ago I had my rotator cuff, bicep month muscle,humorous. And arthritis, in a three hour surgery.

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  • Joseph Arena

    Joseph Arena

    Found DR Toman to be one of the best and most effective surgeons I’ve dealt with (I’ve had seven surgerys) in many years. My surgery (arthroscopic rotator cuff repair)was virtually pain free and in no way debilitating, in fact I found it a remarkable experience from pre to post op.

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  • Karen Hill

    Karen Hill

    Had Rotator cuff my this wonderful Dr. Very kind, caring and good. My surgery was December 16,2014, and I am a new woman now. I highly recommend Dr. Toman, and his wonderful staff.

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  • Sandra Dressler

    Sandra Dressler

    What can I say about a doctor who changed the quality of my life. Saying he is a magnificent orthopedic surgeon, just isn’t enough. Saying he truly cares about his patients, just isn’t enough. Saying he is the most skilled surgeon I have ever encountered, just isn’t enough. Saying Dr Toman is the epitome of what every patient hopes their doctor will be, I believe says it best.

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  • Eugene James

    Eugene James

    Thank you, Dr, Toman!! I commend you on a wonderful job you did in my shoulder reversal process while my wife and I were in Florida for the winter. You also have a super support staff behind you

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  • Lewis Brazell

    Lewis Brazell

    Wow!! My husband had arthroscopic knee surgery last week and you would never know it because Dr. Toman did such a great job!! He took the time at our first appointment to get to know my husband and me. (You see, we are a team.)

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  • Heli LeBlanc

    Heli LeBlanc

    It has only been eight weeks since my Anterior Total right hip Arthroplasty was performed by Dr. Charles Toman. I have been pain free for over four weeks.

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  • Cary Hodous

    Cary Hodous

    Due to a work accident I was referred to Dr. Toman where it was discovered that I had a complex tear of my right Miniscus. I could barely walk without crutches. The doctor performed arthroscopic surgery on my knee and within three weeks I was playing tennis and riding my bike.

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